Hello! My name is Paul Esteves. I am a freelance motion designer. 

I was born and raised in a sunny little city called Durban, which is in South Africa. When I was a teenager, my church needed someone to do some video editing of some camps they were doing. So, I taught myself how to edit in Final Cut 7. I LOVED IT! So, I kept doing it, learning, trying new things, etc. 
From this point on I worked at various broadcasters as an editor, camera operator, photographer, and photo editor. 
During this time I was introduced to motion design and I fell in love. So, I taught myself After Effects first. The spark quickly continued and I learnt Cinema4d, Substance Painter and most recently Houdini.
I'm still in love with motion design and particularly 3d motion design. I now live with my wife and son in Munich, Germany. 
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